Interview with Dirk Hooper

Dirk Hooper Photography- Can you tell our readers how you got your start in the Kink Community? I’ve been kinky since I was a little kid. I identified what I was into when I was 13, but I didn’t really get involved in the BDSM community until I found a local munch on an AOL chat board much later. Once I attended that munch it led to my … [Read more...]

Fetish Untied: Sploshing

"For the first in our new series Fetish Untied, celebrating the sensorial experience of sexual fetishes, London-based director Toby Amies’ film focuses on Sploshing—the arousal gained from the feeling of certain substances against the skin, especially food. Read more on NOWNESS -" Fetish Untied: Sploshing by: NOWNESS … [Read more...]

On Intimacy of Pain & Because The Beauty Of

On Intimacy of Pain & Because The Beauty Of By: Christine Borch "On intimacy Of Pain & Because The Beauty Of An audience participative performance installation Concept by Christine Borch Performed by Hana Tefrati, Federica Fiore & Christine Borch Wax play is: a form of sensual play involving warm or hot wax usually dripped from candles or ladled onto a … [Read more...]

The Alluring Mistresses of PKK Photography

Photography by Phil Kehoe aka PKK-Photography.  Phil started in the photographic trade when he was 19 working on professional darkrooms in London. He has had the pleasure of working with some of the best in the trade they taught him a lot of things. One of the greatest lessons he's learned is that as a photographer you are always learning something new, a new style, lighting … [Read more...]

Bound Fantasy

Photography by Mistress Laurent In the vanilla world, Mistress Laurent’s career has spanned Fashion and Commercial Photography as well as being a Professor of Digital Media Arts at a Florida Art College. It was only a few years ago that she took a step back from the fast-paced life of advertising, and decided to only shoot her passion: her love of rope, men and photographic … [Read more...]