How Do I Get My Girlfriend To Let Me Tie Her Up?

A litle while back, I made some comments on a blog and, well, really made the author upset. Seems he felt that any lady could be made to learn to enjoy being tied up, provided she was introduced to it in a pleasurable fashion. And I took him to task. Y'see, some ladies like being tied up, some are indifferent to it, and some don't care for it at all. And if you're one of … [Read more...]

Mmmph! Or the actual effectiveness of gags

You've seen in dozens of times in mainstream movies and television. The thin strip of cloth tied between a bound damsel's lips, a thicker one tied across them. Or perhaps instead it's the single strip of duct tape placed gently across their mouth, barely held in place, as if an errant breeze could waft it away. Or in these modern, edgy times, perhaps it's a tiny rubber ball … [Read more...]

What To Expect (and how to behave) At Your First Party

So you've been to the munch, gotten involved with a group, and been vetted to attend your first kink party. Good job and congratulations on taking your first step into a new, fulfilling world. But just as you were nervous about attending that first munch, you're stressing more than a bit about what to expect at your first party. The initial thing to keep in mind is that, if … [Read more...]

Harvesting the Kinky Bounty of Your Local Dollar Store

A little while back I had what I referred to as a "Dollar Store Scene" with a lovely lady of my acquaintance. It involved no more than a single roll of duct tape along with a bag of rubber bands I'd purchased earlier in the day at my local dollar store. After having her strip, I began by placing a few dozen rubber bands up and down her arms and legs of various sizes and … [Read more...]

What Did You Do This Weekend?

'What'd you do this weekend?' ask vanilla friends Like a great many kinky people, we have kinky friends and we have vanilla friends. Some of our vanilla friends are aware of our particular proclivities and are interested, more or less (usually less).  Of course, we have family. Inevitably, family are pretty much hopelessly vanilla. I don't know why, but it always seems to be … [Read more...]