BDSM On The Road

My girl and I are getting ready to go away on vacation (to Scotland, if it matters). And sure, we're planning to see the sights, eat the food, drink the drinks, and experience the countryside. But we're also planning more than a bit of kinky, intimate time for ourselves because, well, what's a vacation for? However, given that we're flying overseas, it's not really practical … [Read more...]

Torture Porn For The Masses

Watching 'Criminal Minds' with last week and a scene came up that had all the earmarks of pure gold. The gal had been securely strapped into a straitjacket, tape gagged and blindfolded, and her ankles were tied. She was even barefooted. There was struggling, squirming, and "mmph"-ing. So I'm asked if I was enjoying the repeated bondage scenes. "No," I replied. "These … [Read more...]

Nature vs Nurture or Are We Born This Way?

It's fascinating to me how consistent my sexual proclivities have remained over the years. When I was only six-years-old I distinctly remember that there was a gal (maybe 12 or 13-years-old) who lived two doors over on whom I had a significant crush. Why? Because she had a distinct penchant for going about sans footwear. And when she did wear shoes, it was inevitably a pair … [Read more...]

When D/s Looks Like Abuse, and Why You Should Care

If there's one thing you quickly notice when you enter the scene, it's how much a D/s or M/s relationship can mimic and resemble an abusive one. It's as if we're both wearing the same suit of clothes, only one is finely tailored out of a rich, Merino wool, and the other is an ill-fitting off-the-rack polyester affair from your local Wal-Mart. There simply is no … [Read more...]

Setting The Scene

(Note: As always, this article is presented from the perspective of MaleDom/femsub. I can't speak with even vague authority to any other dynamic. Please adjust appropriately to your own.) Always remember: No one is a mind-reader. So it's Friday night and you've been talking with your girl all week about the scene you're going to have at week's end. You've both had a … [Read more...]