The Three Pillars

I see a great many posts here from singles attempting to determine whether they're too particular, whether they should "settle" for someone. And how they should determine it. Years ago I had someone tell me about the three pillars of a relationship. I took it to heart, modified it, and made it into a pretty good way to evaluate a potential partner. The three pillars … [Read more...]

Setting The Scene

(Note: As always, this article is presented from the perspective of MaleDom/femsub. I can't speak with even vague authority to any other dynamic. Please adjust appropriately to your own.) Always remember: No one is a mind-reader. So it's Friday night and you've been talking with your girl all week about the scene you're going to have at week's end. You've both had a … [Read more...]

PirateStan Interviews Mister

A while back, a local friend ('Mister' on FL) started doing something a bit unusual; chain bondage. I initially found the idea intriguing, as metal restraints are something I find more than a bit appealing. Then I saw photos of what exactly he was doing, how he was not simply binding, but actually suspending people wrapped in roughly their body weight of chain. The … [Read more...]


I've certainly visited my fair share of dating sites over the years. And I've encountered people randomly at munches, or on FetLife, which has led me to scrutinize their profiles that I might, perhaps, get to know them just a tiny bit better. And, friends, I've got something I need to tell you... Y'all's profile game ain't what it needs to be. It ain't what it could be. It … [Read more...]

A Basic Primer On Gags For Bondage Play

I love gags. I love the way they look when worn by a helpless damsel, her eyes above it wide, angry, or even erotically inflamed. I love hearing a girl trying to talk through a gag and failing miserably, her ability to express herself reduced to a series of growls and mmphs. And I love watching her trying to relieve herself of her gag, contorting her face, pushing with her … [Read more...]