Filthy Fun: Part 1

Photo by slave boy julia ( I woke up thinking about cock again. About what it would be like to give in to my temptation. To meet you at a public place, excuse myself to the bathroom with a wink and a smirk, and then to stand in there, waiting for you to follow. I wondered what it would be like to be terrified that you might not come in after me. What it … [Read more...]

Lodbrock Pillory Set Review

The lovely Lodbrock Pillory Set When I first laid eyes on the Lodbrock pillory set I was instantly impressed. The case that holds the set looks and feels like a treasured antique or something straight out of Game of Thrones. The magnificent, detailed finishing of the wood of the case and vintage-looking, ornate latches made me instantly want to see what was … [Read more...]

Package From Sir

Garnet + Guard: Cuffs Ready  [Photography by AV + Domina Mara] The doorbell rang, just as I was sitting down on the couch to finally read my book. I had been looking forward to it all morning. I had stayed up late the night before, balancing my phone between my breasts and my chin, using the bright screen as a book light. I read anxiously for hours about who killed who. … [Read more...]

Interview with Michelle from the Pleasure Chest

Can you tell us a little about how the Pleasure Chest got its start? The Pleasure Chest started in 1971 in New York, at the height of the sexual revolution. Founders Duane Colglazier and Bill Rifkin started out selling waterbeds, but found unexpected success in selling erotic novelties like mood lighting, cock rings, and handcuffs. They decided to turn the store into a … [Read more...]

Thank you Master

The curtains were pulled back just enough so the light of the moon bounced off her thin figure and perky breasts. A lavender candle flickered. A brunette with a pixie cut, Lila, walked slowly towards the busty, naked, hourglass shape sprawled out on the bed. Lila held the candle in her hand. Her emerald eyes were illuminated by the flame. She stopped at the edge of … [Read more...]