Poly Dating vs. Childbirth (just go with it)

I know what you’re thinking – “WHAAAA????” Just stick with me here and I’ll explain. A discussion came up at the most recent SoCal Poly Support Group meeting about poly dating. Somebody was sharing some bits and pieces about their dating life – the highs and lows (as I’m sure most people have experienced, poly or not). This person said that their opinion was that it was … [Read more...]


Polyamory – the practice of a Master or Mistress having more than one slave – is one of the most exciting yet elusive of relationships to pursue in our BDSM lifestyle. Theoretically, a Master – in those D/s relationships where having more than one slave is not proscribed -- can have as many slaves as he wants. Theoretically. Theoretically, the President is Commander in Chief of … [Read more...]