Healthy Dominance I have noticed there are a lot of new individuals in the community that seem to be unclear about what a D type really is. A lot of these individuals are also unaware of the responsibilities that come with being any rendition of a D type. Being a Dominant entails so much more than just telling people what to do and getting your fantasies met by doing … [Read more...]

Lets Grab Coffee: Part 1 Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, and we are in no way advocates of any kind of abuse, non-consensual behavior, crossing any hard limits, putting any one in harm's way (physically/mentally/emotionally/spiritually), or violating one's boundaries/what was pre-negotiated. With this being said, enjoy the story! It’s hot outside. I’m sitting in my van … [Read more...]

Initiation of Cora: Part 4

For Part 3 Click Here For Part 2 Click Here For Part 1 Click Here “I heard I may fuck your mouth without a condom,” said a disembodied voice from above me. I nodded again. “But if you let me out I can do it better.” “Well, well, a rebellious O! I will grant your wish this one time, and think up something else for you afterward.” I was completely naked before … [Read more...]


Dreams are funny, fickle things. She woke with the memory of large, masculine hands pushing her down roughly, but in such a wanted way. Pinning her as the weight of his body began pressing down on her own. His legs  straddled hers, and just that pressure on her hips was enough to make her come undone and push up to try to grind against him. It was a tiny snippet of a … [Read more...]

High Protocol: Part One

This article was inspired by Vice Erotica’s visual depiction of high protocol service right here on In our post “Fifty Shades” world, I fear that the beauty of high protocol could be lost. Thus this article, written in two parts. Part One will examine the myth of high protocol dominance and submission. The next article will be an extensive nuts and bolts guide … [Read more...]