Review: Spanker Machine

Our lives will forever be changed. Tired of getting into fights with your Dom/me for lack of spankings and attention? Fear not, there is a machine that can do the job for you! Before you start rolling your eyes, you NEED to check the Spanker Machine invention out. This is not a one size fits all type of spanking machine. You can change out the spanking implements with … [Read more...]

Buying guide – Floggers

Floggers! The quintessential impact implement, and icon of BDSM. Easy to learn, yet difficult to master - these are typically one of the first items added to anyone's BDSM toy-box. Floggers are incredibly versatile. Thuddy, sting-y, caressing, ouchy, jarring, meditative or subspace-inducing. The sensations that can be produced can vary widely and wildly, depending on a … [Read more...]