Brian Vox-http://www.voxart9.com/ In a previous edition of kinkweekly.com, Slave Bunny offered a terrific piece (http://www.kinkweekly.com/article-guest-author/rituals-part-2/ ) on rituals. Since rituals in BDSM are extremely important, I thought I might present some additional thoughts that illustrate how essential they are in our lifestyle. To paraphrase some football … [Read more...]

High Protocol: Part Two

Before you read this article, I suggest (or, in a more Domly way, insist) that you read last week’s kinkweekly.com prequel, “High Protocol, Part One.” To quickly recap. High protocol Master/slave relationships are not for everyone; they are, in fact, quite rare. And, in my opinion, they are not, in and of themselves, any higher on the BDSM food chain than any other style BDSM … [Read more...]

Behavior Modification

There is a belief that skillful Dominance can affect major behavior modifications in a submissive. (The most famous illustration of this idea is when “Christian The Helicopter Dom” in Fifty Shades walks into a hardware store and thinks he can make a random cashier into his slave.) The crux of this theory is, that by using a combination of positive and negative reinforcements, … [Read more...]

Opinion: The Dominant Submissive

No matter where you are in the BDSM continuum – from newbie to experienced – there is one “Prime Directive” (thank you Star Trek) -- whether one is a Top or bottom, sadist or masochist, Dom/me or slave, we all want what we want. If one is a Top, it is relatively easy to get what you want. After all, he/she is in a power position – whether in a scene or in a relationship. But … [Read more...]

Protocol and Rituals

First thing in the morning you send your Sir a text as soon as you wake up knowing you will receive a text back with a familiar response. After you play you assume your agreed upon position until ordered to stand and then you both sit together, your head in his lap. Then after a while you quietly talk about the scene. Upon returning home to your Mistress you set your … [Read more...]