This week in kink: September 10, 2018

Don't miss Back To School Camp: Submissive Edition event happening this Sept 15 1:30-5:30 at Lair de Sade! Classes, crafts, food, raffles, and more! More info on the event page: Buy your tickets now! The Kink Community, like any other community, has its own language and its own … [Read more...]

BDSM Scene Ideas: Pet Play

Perhaps you’re a seasoned player or you’re only now emerging into the wild world of kink? Here at Kink Weekly we highly recommend pet play for a number of reasons. I personally never thought this would be an area that would interest me. However the longer I’ve been playing in the scene, the more I have learned about it, and the more I have come to find my own inner animal. A … [Read more...]

Mistress Lucy trains Her puppy

Photographer: Dexx Models: Mistress Lucy and Renata Colette Mistress Lucy was bored. She was tired of the same old tricks. While perusing the local bookstore, something caught her eye...a puppy training guide. Interesting, and she had just the perfect little puppy on which to practice. Mistress Lucy is a professional dominatrix based in Los Angeles, CA. For more … [Read more...]