Video: Borg & Hellako Rope Spirit IV

I just adored this lovely and delicate suspension. The dynamic between these two is adorable. I hope you enjoy! -anniebear Borg & Hellako Rope Spirit IV from … [Read more...]

Video: Club

The way in which this rigger ties the model is incredible. He gives the illusion that she weighs almost nothing, floating in the air. Of course this is not the case but it is the sign of a true talent to be able to do so. Club from Nikita S … [Read more...]

Video: Easley & Nodorum

The rope, the hair, the suspension, the music! We love this playful suspension video. Remember, suspensions should be attempted with caution and are considered an advanced form of rigging. Easley & Nodorum from Traci Matlock … [Read more...]

Video: Into the Sun, Second Floor Tying

Into the Sun from Traci Matlock We were quite taken with this sweet and sexy video featuring rigger and models gaping_lotus. The raw energy and play between the two is wonderful to see. … [Read more...]

Video: Opening of Bondage Studio, Kharkiv

Opening of Bondage Studio: Kharkiv from Bondage Studio Take a look at what's happening with BDSM in the Ukraine. … [Read more...]