Brian Vox-http://www.voxart9.com/ In a previous edition of kinkweekly.com, Slave Bunny offered a terrific piece (http://www.kinkweekly.com/article-guest-author/rituals-part-2/ ) on rituals. Since rituals in BDSM are extremely important, I thought I might present some additional thoughts that illustrate how essential they are in our lifestyle. To paraphrase some football … [Read more...]

Rituals: Part 2

Since rituals are such a big and broad topic, I would like to continue my article from the previous week (click here for article). In my last article, I touched mostly on how rituals are beneficial in power exchange relationships. This week I would like to piggy back on that topic and provide a more in-depth guide on how to pick them and implement them. Rituals Must Be … [Read more...]

Rituals in Power Exchange Dynamics

When we first started our M/S relationship, my Master and I felt that rules were enough to keep our dynamic strong. But over time, we have both found that it is the combination of rules and rituals that keep our relationship at its healthiest. What is the difference between a rule and a ritual? A ritual is something that you do without fail with your partner or for your … [Read more...]

Protocol and Rituals

First thing in the morning you send your Sir a text as soon as you wake up knowing you will receive a text back with a familiar response. After you play you assume your agreed upon position until ordered to stand and then you both sit together, your head in his lap. Then after a while you quietly talk about the scene. Upon returning home to your Mistress you set your … [Read more...]