Portrait of a Fetish Photographer


Portrait of a Fetish Photographer (teaser) from Eddie Goldstein on Vimeo. Portrait of a Fetish Photographer A teaser for an upcoming mini documentary featuring renowned Fetish BDSM photographer David Samson. … [Read more...]

Video: NawaNeko Party


Sexy, strong, talented, and gorgeous! NawaNeko Party from Kinbaku Tanto … [Read more...]

Video: Kanso, Kiss of Rope


To me, this was a completely "swoon worthy" video. Sensual rope, talented rigger, models in subspace...I could watch it over and over. -anniebear Kiss of Rope from Kanso … [Read more...]

(Almost) Everything About Rope Bottoming

Rope by Crocoduck. Photo by Photos of Midnight Revelry.

There is more to rope bottoming than just “hanging out and getting tied.” The styles of rigging vary from person to person as well as the broader stroke ideologies and “schools of thought” behind it. With all of this information out there, it can be difficult to disseminate what’s an absolute necessity and what is a preference. However in matters of safety, there are specific … [Read more...]

kirsten restrained

lingerie girl

Photographer: Vice Erotica Rope: ShamelessOne Model: Kirsten Kirsten was a naughty girl. She teased and tormented her Sir with photos while he was away at work. Little did she know, Sir would be making a surprise visit for lunch... … [Read more...]