My First Public BDSM Scene

If you asked me that morning, while I sipped my coffee, if I thought I was going to have the confidence to strip down to nothing but my heels and a sly smile, I would have laughed it off as though you were crazy. I had no idea that this night would be the night that I would stand fully naked and bare in front of a room full of people doing things I had only done in secret … [Read more...]

FIRE PLAY: The Submissive’s Beginner Guide

This article is a beginners guide to fire play and is addressed to the submissive. But before we can begin, it is “small print disclaimer” time. (The disclaimer: Fire play is one of the most dangerous types of BDSM play. It should not be attempted without a skilled Top who is experienced in the art. Simply reading about it will not be sufficient. Thus, this article is simply … [Read more...]

How To Shoot Your Own Kinky Porn Movie

Have you ever fancied yourself as a porn star? You don't need to live in the Playboy Mansion to star in your own kinky porn movie. Creating your own videos for sexual thrills or to sell online is easy and you probably have most of the equipment you need already. It's also a lot of fun for you and your partner, and it can really spice up your sex life! In this guide, I'm … [Read more...]

Bastinado: Foot Caning

As we noted in last week’s installment on fisting, we are kink weekly – thus we cover all aspects of debauchery. One kinky play – and one that has a very shallow learning curve while being incredibly effective – is the “bastinado.” Bastinado was originally a Spanish word for the act of caning, in the literal sense of beating with a stick or similar implement. It is … [Read more...]

Scene Idea: Forced Stripping

Before we get into this, I want to be clear that I'm in no way making fun of or denigrating strippers or the profession. In fact, I happen to quite admire what it takes to do this for a living. With that being said, I present one of my more fondly utilized scene ideas: Forced Stripping. This scene could go one of many ways, but I'd first like to touch on how this feeds the … [Read more...]