Free the Nipples with BDSM

We’re big fans of less censorship at Kink Weekly, but this article is about a bit more than that! The nipples are one of the most highly sensitive erogenous zones in both women AND men. While we do pay close attention to this area when we scene, I think we can go outside the box and do a bit better than run of the mill nipple clamps. So, I present to you some fresh (and … [Read more...]

BDSM Scene Idea: Bondage Mitts

You may have seen our buying guide from last week on bondage mitts. We wanted give you some user tested ideas on how to maximize this fun accessory into your scenes! Also I use the pronoun her or she in this article but these ideas would be suitable for any sexual orientation. Sensory Deprivation Aside from being blindfolded, having your hands restrained is arguably one of … [Read more...]

BDSM Water Sports

We here at strive to present all forms of BDSM, D/s play and kink. If water sports isn’t your cup of tea, then you should “wait ‘til next week” -- to paraphrase a sports adage. Water sports – or golden showers (commonly abbreviated g.s.) – is defined as playing with pee. It can be peeing on or in the submissive, making the submissive drink pee or any other … [Read more...]

Medical Play, the Next Level!

This is’s second article on medical play. The first one – “The Doctor Is In: Medical Play” -- was basically an introduction. We not only examined the inherent D/s roots of medical play, but we also explained basic play for beginners and listed much of the entry level equipment -- examination tables, speculums, Wattenberg pinwheels, tongue depressors, bandages, … [Read more...]

Responsible Fear Play

Fear play is not usually something people jump into right away when they’re new to the scene. Although, even if you think you’ve never done any fear play, you might be wrong. Fear play runs on a long spectrum much like most other things. Ever been spanking a bottom again and again and again then suddenly stop and give pause, only to surprise them with one hard smack! That … [Read more...]