Setting the Scene

Dungeon Delights Oval Shackles

How to prepare for success and handle the occasional failure. You'd be a foolish person to assume that your scene will go 100% perfect every time. Sometimes a partner's headspace may not be in the right spot, maybe a toy breaks or you accidentally injure someone. These things happen and as responsible players, we know the risks associated with practicing BDSM. There are … [Read more...]



"Magnification." Now, what do I mean by that? It is not a term you will find in any Kink Weekly article. At least I don’t think so. Truth be told, it is not a BDSM term at all. But, it can add a lot to your BDSM play. Let me explain. What I imply by "magnification" is the process whereby a Dominant or submissive, by the use of selected pre-scene sequences, is able to amplify … [Read more...]

What’s Your Motivation?

Muscular man with nude torso

What is your motivation for entering the BDSM community? I think for most people it’s a discovery of their inner kinkster – whether that’s a love for fetish, sadism and/or masochism, and/or power exchange. Those of us who seek like-minded people, education, and exploration into this world. For most of us this means venturing out to events in order to meet people and make new … [Read more...]

Marking in BDSM

An example of very heavy bruising or "marking"

“Marking,” in our lifestyle, is a very broad term. It can refer to the temporary marks of the cane, it might mean writing something like “Master’s Slave” with a Sharpie or it could mean a tattoo or brand of ownership. The technicalities of all three differ widely; but the implications of all of them are quite similar. Temporary markings are usually caused by the use of a … [Read more...]

Bastinado: Foot Caning


As we noted in last week’s installment on fisting, we are kink weekly – thus we cover all aspects of debauchery. One kinky play – and one that has a very shallow learning curve while being incredibly effective – is the “bastinado.” Bastinado was originally a Spanish word for the act of caning, in the literal sense of beating with a stick or similar implement. It is … [Read more...]