Get Your Own Damn Coffee!!!


From time to time I will answer provocative BDSM/kink questions instead of my usual opinion articles. Here is one that I found particularly unique. I am a male submissive who has been given a training collar by my Mistress. I love serving her sexually, as a pain slut and as a house slave. But lately, she has gotten into diapering me, treating me like a baby and using me as … [Read more...]

Introducing The Coatsmen

man in suit

Our contributor Vic Sharp wants to invite you to apply to a new group, specifically for those dedicated to service. Read more info below. The Call of The Coatsmen Who are The Coatsmen? We are an volunteer organization dedicated to the training, development, and utilization of high-end caretakers. Coatsmen serve in a variety of settings throughout the Kink and outer … [Read more...]

The Live-In Slave


When we first enter our lifestyle, we often are swept away by the allure of an ideal world of Masters and slaves living in perfect synergy. The Master is in firm control; the slave willingly obeys every command. It works great online. It is awesome every other weekend. It is mind-boggling at the dungeon party. But, the idealized concept of a live-in Master/slave relationship is … [Read more...]

BDSM Scene Ideas: The Interrogation

interrogation best

I’m a big fan of getting creative with BDSM play. Rope is great, and impact is fine, but what I love most is power exchange, and putting some thought and preparation into creating a great scene can go a long way towards heightening that dynamic. In this article I’m going to describe one of my favorite scenarios – The Interrogation. It borrows from the genre of captured spy, … [Read more...]

Review: Locking / buckling wrist cuffs

red cuffs stockroom

Dexx says: Stockroom was kind enough to send us these leather cuffs to review, so we thought it would be rude not to strap anniebear into them and give her a good spanking. I can confirm that she was held firmly in place and despite some considerable moaning and squirming, she was quite unable to escape… mission accomplished. These cuffs are part of the standard line … [Read more...]