This week in kink, October 2, 2017

What do you get when you combine Renaissance and Kink? brings us this fascinating article. Read more about it here and find out if there are players near you! Would you attend?   Beverly Hills is world renowned for a lot of things: celebrities, fashion, shopping...but not necessarily kink. SNCTM gets its own documentary series that delves into the kinky … [Read more...]

Event Review: Rockachic hosts My Kinky Valentine

On Saturday night I was fortunate to attend Rockachic's "My Kinky Valentine" play party in Los Angeles. There are many “underground” or less publicized events happening in Los Angeles, being that it’s such a huge market for kink and BDSM. Rockachic has been quietly producing events for some time now. Best known for providing models and costumes for Snctm events, in recent … [Read more...]