Conscious Dominance


Defining and Living your Personal Code of Mature, Noble, Authentic, Responsible Dominance For me, being a Conscious Dominant means to be clear about, and aware of the values, principles and protocols I have chosen to live by. It means having my words and actions be in alignment with these values.   Am I living what I preach?   And there can be many further nuances, … [Read more...]

Submission Explained by a Male Submissive


Bound from Matt Rose on Vimeo. … [Read more...]

Lets Grab Coffee: Part 2

silk-and-wood-18x24 Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, and we are in no way advocates of any kind of abuse, non-consensual behavior, crossing any hard limits, putting any one in harm’s way (physically/mentally/emotionally/spiritually), or violating one’s boundaries/what was pre-negotiated. With this being said, enjoy the story! For Part 1 Click Here Stomping my feet … [Read more...]

This week in kink, April 30, 2018

woman leg wearing fishnet hosiery and handcuffs.

Former Dominatrix, Kasia Urbaniak, opens a school in NYC in order to empower individuals using what she learned as a Dominatrix. Click here to read more about her school. 6 of the Most Common Sexual Fantasies (according to sex therapists) among men and women. Click here to read more. Learn more about HuCow, the Fetish that imagines women as cows. Click … [Read more...]

Erotic Trapeze Performance about Domination and submission


No pain, no gain- Double trapeze performance from Jowy on Vimeo. … [Read more...]