Opinion: What is Submission?

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As I had promised in last week’s opinion piece, “What Is Dominance?”, here is the sequel, “What Is Submission?” File this installment under "opinion" This is another in our ‘food-for-thought’ articles that should be not taken as gospel, but rather used as a jump-off point for a deeper discussion of the subject matter. We all know what submission is in terms of play. … [Read more...]

Review: Locking / buckling wrist cuffs

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Dexx says: Stockroom was kind enough to send us these leather cuffs to review, so we thought it would be rude not to strap anniebear into them and give her a good spanking. I can confirm that she was held firmly in place and despite some considerable moaning and squirming, she was quite unable to escape… mission accomplished. These cuffs are part of the standard line … [Read more...]

kirsten restrained

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Photographer: Vice Erotica Rope: ShamelessOne Model: Kirsten Kirsten was a naughty girl. She teased and tormented her Sir with photos while he was away at work. Little did she know, Sir would be making a surprise visit for lunch... … [Read more...]

“Coca-Cola Dominance”


Definition: “Coca-Cola Dominance.” In a D/s relationship, when a Dominant asks only for behavior that the submissive would do anyway. I had touched on the “Coca-Cola Dominance” question in a previous kinkweekly.com article, "Does being in love diminish a Dom/me's power?" In theory, love does make the Dom/me less likely to release the sub and thus diminishes the … [Read more...]

BDSM Scene Ideas: Pet Play


Perhaps you’re a seasoned player or you’re only now emerging into the wild world of kink? Here at Kink Weekly we highly recommend pet play for a number of reasons. I personally never thought this would be an area that would interest me. However the longer I’ve been playing in the scene, the more I have learned about it, and the more I have come to find my own inner animal. A … [Read more...]