Erotica: Lady O

After my first session of submission with Stephanie, I was even more hooked on BDSM. Each time I arrived, I would find her skill showed marked improvement over the previous session, each time showing me what a Domme can do and helping feed my desires to move from self-bondage to submission. Our second session was more rope tying. When I arrived, she let me in and directed me … [Read more...]

Hard versus soft limits

Limits are things that should be discussed during any negotiation. They can be due to medical issues or triggers, however, those are usually discussed separately. Personal limits typically refer to things that have to do with preference versus inability. A "don't want" versus a "can't". Limits (just like most things in a negotiation) can apply to both the bottom and the Top. … [Read more...]

BDSM Head space

Having a hard time getting into altered head spaces during play? This article is not for anyone in the community who is happy and healthy with a Labelcentric BDSM Lifestyle, which I respect and support. This article is primarily for those who have never reached an altered head space during play. Hard time getting into head space? We hear things around the munches and … [Read more...]

BDSM Aftercare

What is aftercare? What does it entail? Why do people need/want it? Aftercare, in its simplest definition, is something that takes place in the time following a scene. In my opinion, it's best to think of aftercare as a part of a scene - the last chapter of the story, so to speak. First, let's talk about what aftercare may look like. It is different for different … [Read more...]