To Switch Or Not To Switch?

With the “Changing of the Old Guard,” I would like to address actual questions that are submitted to me. My answers, of course, are merely my opinions and should be taken as such. Nevertheless, our aim here at should be to encourage BDSM dialogue, and answering actual questions is one good place to start. Here is this week’s question: “I am a Millennial new … [Read more...]

Dom Wants to Submit

Often my articles are inspired by questions I receive regarding BDSM, D/s, relationships and all kinds of kink-related queries. (After all, this is KINK weekly!) One of the most intriguing questions I have been asked is the following one: “If my sincere desire is to be completely dominated, and I have a dominant personality outside the playroom, can my fantasy truly ever … [Read more...]

Opinion: The roles that bind

Why I feel a switch is more of a master than a master The reason I'm writing this is to help those who have hit a wall and have finally stopped believing everyone who refers to them as such just because they typed it on a screen when creating a profile - but rather hears the quiet voice in their head that speaks only the truth that they can no longer ignore. Mastery as a … [Read more...]