anniebear Learns to be a Dominatrix

A few weeks ago I attended a full weekend, three-day group immersion course on how to become a Dominatrix. The instructors, DommeCraft founder, Simone Justice and co-teacher Mistress Damiana Chi are experienced professional/lifestyle Dominatrices. We could not have been in better hands. If you haven’t heard of DommeCraft, consider it the university level training course for … [Read more...]

Erotica: Teacher’s Pet, Slave Training 101

Before I even met the teacher, he gave me 3 homework assignments. Having been a straight A student throughout college, I didn’t expect any less of my performance in the kinkster world. Assignment One - he said that I could wear nothing I had worn with anyone else, the first time I met him. Not even a brand new item that was the same style as one I had previously worn. So I … [Read more...]

Dexx Interviews Sea

Dexx: You’re a BDSM speaker and educator, submissive, and active participant in the Austin and DC BDSM communities. You’re proudly contributing to keeping Austin weird, so how is the scene out there? Sea: Austin has a terrific scene. Lately I’ve spent more of my time in the DC area but I’ve been going back to Austin regularly enough where I’ve kept in touch with it. It has … [Read more...]

Dexx Interviews Hudsy Hawn

Dexx: You seem to have your hand in quite a lot of different projects and activities in the kink world. You have the Stockroom University and you’re well known for various TV appearances. I’d like to explore how you got into all of this kinky stuff in the first place. When did you first realize that you were kinky? Hudsy Hawn: I had no idea until I was getting a divorce and … [Read more...]

The Outsider

Large green fields. A huge bonfire. Adults and children playing, talking, eating, laughing. I say a few pleasantries to a few of the moms I know then focus on the needs of my children. Once they have had their fill of hot dogs, deviled eggs, and s'mores - they leave me to go play with their friends. I sit off to the side, writing these words in my Hello Kitty notebook (which … [Read more...]