Dexx Interviews Master Gabriel

Dexx: You’re the creator of the Gentleman In Charge event, you teach the BDSM 201 class series, and you create leather products under the Ravynblood Leather brand. For many you’re also known as the voice of DomCon in LA and Atlanta. So, I guess if you go back a little ways, how did you first find yourself coming into the BDSM community? Master Gabriel: Well, actually I first … [Read more...]

BDSM Scene Ideas: Teacher/student Roleplay

In this first installment of my “scene-spirations,” I’m going to cover Teacher/student roleplay and share some fun tips and tricks for an enjoyable scene. I write this with the caveat that a) not everyone is interested in roleplay b) these are simply light guidelines you can utilize if this is new (or old) territory for you and your partner and c) everyone plays differently so … [Read more...]