Tens Electrical Play

Here at Kink Weekly we aim to spotlight different forms of BDSM play. Not only will this prevent boredom – which can happen no matter how adventurous you are – but this will also expose you to different forms of play you might have overlooked. This week we will spotlight electrical play using the TENS unit. One of the most popular of the electrical toys we use, TENS is an … [Read more...]

Whip Essentials

“Whip and Chains.” You’ve heard this phrase a thousand times. It’s what made BDSM famous. (Well, almost.) The chains part is pretty straightforward. But whips… that is another matter entirely. So, Kink Weekly will try to give you an introduction into this exciting aspect of the kink world. Trying to present an online course on single tails in one article would be like … [Read more...]