To Top or Not To Top

As the New Year is close at hand, I wanted to end the year answering some readers’ questions. Rather than write in the abstract, responding to real life questions makes it so much more personal. Here is a question that, I think, everyone in the lifestyle – from beginner to expert -- has pondered. Every time I ask my Dom for something -- like a McDonald's hamburger -- or make … [Read more...]

Opinion: The Dominant Submissive

No matter where you are in the BDSM continuum – from newbie to experienced – there is one “Prime Directive” (thank you Star Trek) -- whether one is a Top or bottom, sadist or masochist, Dom/me or slave, we all want what we want. If one is a Top, it is relatively easy to get what you want. After all, he/she is in a power position – whether in a scene or in a relationship. But … [Read more...]