The Making of Latex


The Making of Latex 101 from Latex 101 on Vimeo. … [Read more...]



Although New Years Eve is a couple of weeks away, it creeps up on you faster than a Ninja on speed. I remember when Prince was singing about 1999, I thought 2000 would never come. I was so wrong. Soon it will be 2018. Thus I will submit my usual New Years Resolutions a little early. I will skip the ones that everyone makes and usually ignore - to go to the gym, … [Read more...]

anniebear Interviews Demonic Toys


anniebear sat with SirBerus, owner of Demonic Toys to discuss his methods, materials, and why Demonic Toys is an up and coming contender in the BDSM toy market. anniebear: SirBerus, owner of Demonic Toys- we’re always really excited to interview people that have really cool toys to play with in the scene. SirBerus: Thank you so much for interviewing me! It’s great … [Read more...]

BDSM Scene Ideas: The Interrogation

interrogation best

I’m a big fan of getting creative with BDSM play. Rope is great, and impact is fine, but what I love most is power exchange, and putting some thought and preparation into creating a great scene can go a long way towards heightening that dynamic. In this article I’m going to describe one of my favorite scenarios – The Interrogation. It borrows from the genre of captured spy, … [Read more...]

Top 5 List of Beginner Toys and Types of play

A great sensation play toy-the chain ball tickler

From the title of this article you may have assumed that you would find a list of specific toys that are great for beginners. However, since I like to keep readers on their toes – that is not exactly what you are going to get. I will reference specific toys of course – but the list is written with a broader stroke of the brush. Enjoy… 1) Hands In my opinion your hands … [Read more...]