This Week in Kink February 29, 2016

UK: A seventy six year old grandmother in a nursing home is making waves with her erotic fiction. She has penned multiple books covering topics such as spanking and other erotica. Her family is in full support of her activities, as it should be πŸ™‚ Read the full story here.

Worldwide: It’s awards season and Fifty Shades of Gray has made top honors as the worst film of the year according to the Razzies, an online group dedicated to weedy out some of Hollywood’s worst flicks. Other “special” awards were given to Jamie Dornan for worst actor and to both him and his costar Dakota Johnson for worst onscreen combo. It’s good to know the pair are getting credit for their work. Read more.

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  1. Andre Leonard says:

    70 years old and even thinking 50 Shades Darker is my kind of granny.

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