This Week in Kink: March 28, 2016

USA: There are new developments from a story we reported on a few weeks ago involving a George Mason University student. A judge has ruled that the student was wrongfully expelled after a case was brought against him involving non-consensual BDSM acts. The student is now to be reinstated. View the update here.

Michigan: A bizarre tale of BDSM and consensual sex-a Michigan-based woman has a accused a now ex-sheriff of over stepping the bounds of their rough sex relationship. Assault and rape charges have been filed against the officer. As always, consent and negotiations are 100% important in any BDSM or borderline fetish acts. It sounds as if these two along with alcohol involvement, were not on the same page. Full story here.

This weekend is Leather HEAT in Burbank, CA. anniebear and I will be stopping by to check out the classes and exhibitors so we can offer you a recap of the festivities!



  1. HenryDom54 says:

    So many weird cases of pseudo-bdsm going to court lately. it really gives us a bad name. these idiots get drunk and hit each other and the line gets blurred between consent. play sober folks! thats my best piece of advice.

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