Week of December 28, 2015

Kink Weekly is reporting to you live this week from beautiful Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. There does not appear to be a thriving kink community here, at least not according to the events calendar on FetLife. So no kinky events or people here to tell you about.

Except anniebear and myself that is. She is currently naked and chained to a chair on the balcony while she finishes getting this week’s issue posted. Apparently she needs to go to the bathroom… I guess she’d better finish those articles quickly then!

We went out to dinner with a group of kinky friends last week, a couple of days before Christmas. We decided to do a “white elephant” gift exchange. Needless to say, most of the gifts ended up being of the kinky variety. Except Rope Daddy’s contribution that is, which was a gift basket with some handy household supplies – duct tape, clothes pegs, and some lengths of chain. I’m sure I can find some uses for those.

Have a great new year everyone. And don’t forget those new year’s resolutions – what kind of kinky fun will 2016 hold for you?



  1. ...........J4CKSPL4T says:

    Cabo is the best around Christmas time just watch out for the giggling Marlin

  2. Bluedriver says:

    A friend and I played music there at some of the big hotels and loved it. Great people, both native and tourists from all over the world.
    The Mexican Imigra (immigration) showed up one day and since we had no “green card”, it was adios Cabo. I would love to go back

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