This week in kink, April 10th, 2017

I appreciated the style in which photographer Max Eicke captured these professional Dominas. He profiles them in a new book. Take a look at some of his work here along with a brief interview.

Wry, Janet Hardy, and Tristan Taormino

Wry, Janet Hardy, and Tristan Taormino

We are very excited that Wry’s Polytalks with Ethical Slut author Janet Hardy and Opening Up author Tristan Taormino are back! Tickets are limited to 100. This is a powerhouse talk to attend if you are poly or even poly curious.

Take a look inside the wild world of professional BDSM abduction fantasies. It looks like I need to get into a new line of work because this seems like it would be really fun! Who knew New York would be the center of this business. Vice profiles one Dominatrix and her journey through a planned abduction scene fro start to finish.

While this seems like a no brainer to most, its a sad fact that predators use dating apps to attract inexperienced women into BDSM. It can be difficult to differentiate safe play and dangerous tendencies for a newbie. This goes for both women and men. She Knows offers some key tips for those pursuing kink through dating apps.


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  1. deplorable one says:

    what does one even talk about at a consent summit besides the obvious?

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