This week in kink, April 16, 2018

Dominatrix in Dubai? This lovely lady commands upward of 3K to be her slave for a day. In a country where such acts come with risk and steep punishment, this Brit looks to liberate her slaves under her command. Read more about it here.


Sex classes are on the rise in London. Women are learning more about BDSM than ever before. Bedroom bondage being at the very top of the list. The best part, women are learning how to be more open about what they want with their partners. Read more about it here.

When porn and BDSM go seriously wrong! Porn Star Nikki Benz sues Brazzer’s Tony T after being brutally beaten and waterboarded during a scene without her consent. The brutal act took place over a 45 minute scene where she was forced to do things that she did not consent to although the scene was scripted to be BDSM in nature, this far surpassed her boundaries as a performer. Read about the case here.

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  1. Re the Nikki Benz/Brazzers case: While it’s still being litigated I’m reluctant to weigh in on the specifics of this incident, but it says nothing good that the whole ugly story doesn’t surprise me a bit. For some time now producers of vanilla porn, which, like all porn, has become increasingly difficult to market at a profit, have begun incorporating what they call BDSM content in their catalogs. The results are entirely predictable when clueless hacks motivated entirely by profit appropriate this very complex and potentially dangerous material in their mix. At the very least, dumb, ugly, boring porn results. At the worst – and as someone with 35 years of porn directing experience on his resume I’ve seen the worst on other people’s sets – performers get hurt. There is no excuse for this and though it doesn’t happen often, once is once too often. The producers of this junk have no clue when it comes to consent and no respect for the culture they’re trashing while they go merrily about the business of endangering performers’ lives in pursuit of porno-bucks. Time was when professional riggers and experienced BDSM performers were hired to create quality erotica in safe conditions but that was then. Now it’s all about how many nickels and dimes can be squeezed out of micro-budgets by unscrupulous directors hoping to enrich themselves by pushing limits in pursuit of shock value. To the extent that this industry has tolerated and even enabled such conduct it has lived down to the expectations of its most impassioned critics. Injured performers have been paid not to talk about their mistreatment and companies known for their indifference to safety and limits have been tolerated as part of the industry. Such behavior puts everyone involved at risk, both in front of and behind the camera, and it needs to end. I wasn’t present when this scene was shot but it’s beyond unfortunate that I find the accusations credible and the denials feeble. I’ve sold literally hundreds of thousands of BDSM videos without a single incident such as that described here. BDSM erotica is not about violence and those who treat it as if it were should have been kicked to the curb by their employers yesterday. I have never covered for them nor will I in the future. I’ve seen the damage they do and I’ve been anything but quiet about it. I hope every performer subjected to mistreatment comes forward and speaks up. If doing so costs them a gig somewhere it’s a gig they’re better off without. And if you’re crewing on a set where such things go on, do not hesitate to intervene. Better to go home with a clear conscience than a check written by ignorant bullies. Yes, there is abuse in the making of some BDSM porn and those responsible for it should be called out by the rest of us. I’ve done it more than once and never regretted it. Companies that outsource their production to reckless, ignorant bullies are courting exactly the kind of legal retribution we’re seeing in this case. It’s not worth it. Those who make the decisions are ultimately responsible and sooner or later that responsibility catches up with them. Better sooner than later.

    • As soon as non-lifestylers in the porn world invaded the BDSM scene this was bound to happen. Yes, there are lifestylers in the adult world — but the majority of porn-produced BDSM was of the “Dom/me with a ball gag in his/her mouth variety.” When porn producers saw the success of (whose Dom/mes were quite knowledgable in the BDSM arts) they said, “I can do that.” Their greed bell was rung. This is the inevitable result.

      I am only surprised it didn’t happen sooner.

  2. I wouldn’t disagree with any of that except for the part about They arrived fairly late in the game. There was dangerously uninformed “BDSM” porn going all the way back to the late Eighties. And yes, it was inevitable that clueless hustlers in it only for the money would injure people, but if we’re going to be honest here, there were also on-set injuries in both videos and Web productions done by insiders. I’m not going to name names here but you’d certainly recognize some we all admire whose work resulted in fairly serious accidents among performers and production crews who should have known better. And pro bondage performers generally let the producers pay the doctor bills and said nothing because they basically still liked the job, and even the people who injured them by accident, so they could continue to make the kind of pictures they enjoyed making. Bondage porn is not a risk-free business. No matter how experienced the players there’s a voluntary assumption of risk on the part of all involved. The big difference I see has to do with the attitude toward consent, which the real pros have always taken seriously and which is simply a matter of signing a release to the uninformed.

  3. Incidents like this were the reason I started “The Black List” BDSM column while at AVN. When I started at the magazine, Anabolic was still reeling from the backlash to their series “Rough Sex” where the performers were beaten on camera and the director’s only excuse was “we gave them safe words” without any notion that the women knew what that even means. Performers have a right to know what they should be expecting and what to do when things go sideways on the set.

    Adding insult to injury is Benz isn’t a newb. She was a Jill Kelly contract star back in the day, and for her to get this kind of disrespect on set is a black eye for the adult industry and the BDSM community.

  4. Thanks for the input Mr. Greene!

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