This week in kink, April 17th, 2017

If you’re in the US, happy tax week and happy belated Easter to everyone else. I hope you found something naughty in your easter basket, like these eggs from Stockroom. Locally, week one of the music festival Coachella has come to a close. Week two is gearing up and local Los Angelenos are more than pleased for the respite in traffic as everyone heads to Indio for the festival.

We’re very excited to announce our upcoming launch party in Los Angeles on June 10, in collaboration with Lovely Fate Events. We are planning an incredible play party and I hope some of you can join us. Find out more details and ticket info here.


Speaking of Stockroom, the famed Los Angeles BDSM equipment vendor is moving! A new location has yet to be announced but we are eager to see what happens as their current space has served as not only a store front but educational annex for many years. Of course you can always search their massive online store for anything your kinky little heart desires.

In a story we brought to your attention last week, the Drupal developer who was outed as kinky and subsequently told to resign from a project has received insurmountable support from his colleagues. They believe the way in which his private business was aired and the backlash from the company to remove him was in fact unfair bullying. Enough with the kink shaming, already!

This article from the Huffington Post does a nice job of explaining “littles” to the mainstream public. This particular little identifies as queer but the principles are the same.


  1. ooo la la launch party haha. a bit late isn’t it?

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