This week in kink, April 2, 2018

Never been to a munch before? Don’t fret! We’ve all been there. We’ve all looked for advice on what to do for our first munch or first play session in general. This article is right where you want to be. Read more here.

This photo raised some questions this week. Miley Cyrus being spanked by the Easter Bunny. The photo shoot is sexy, but many folks have had opinions on how they feel about seeing the pop icon bent over the holiday icon’s lap. What do you think? Read the article here and leave us a comment about your feelings in regards to this photo shoot.


This was an interesting story. This particular person decided to try needle play as a way of conquering a fear of needles. Weigh in on your thoughts about this particular strategy. Do you think trying needle play is effective in alleviating the fear or not? Sound off!!! Read more here.


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  1. holycrockpot says:

    The picture of Miley Cyrus totally mocks spanking and Easter. She tries to bush buttons on the wrong things. If she wants to do something with spanking, then show us how to do it healthily or educate us on the joys about it without mocking a major religious holiday. The picture just keeps people thinking that BDSM is all about being blasphemous, which is not the case.

    The picture does not represent SSC at all. Most people in the community would never do that if they know someone else is going to take offense. Most people are respectful of other people’s boundaries and perspectives in the community.

  2. warriorvera says:

    I completely agree with what you are saying! It looks as though Miley is making Easter and spanking into a big joke that is going to anger a lot of religious and Kink people. I think that buttons should be pushed to promote acceptance of a topic, not the other way around.

  3. BigMike says:

    With 50 Shades, this picture, and other things that have been posted, the media is sending the opposite message about what the BDSM community really represents. It’s so infuriating!

    • There’s always to set the record straight!

      If you have to depend on Miley Cyrus as your BDSM guru, you are in deep trouble anyway!

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