This Week in Kink, April 25, 2016

A personal memoir of sorts Sex With Shakespeare by Jillian Keenan has been released outlining her spanking fetish through the use of Shakespeare. Personally, it sounds like a lovely read.

Virginia: Following up from the story we brought you a few week’s ago regarding a George Mason student’s expulsion from university for alleged non-consensual BDSM. The accused student has won a lawsuit against the school allowing him to be reinstated. This has prompted the school to re-evaluate how they handle cases such as this.

Hong Kong: An upcoming event had raised a few local eyebrows in Hong Kong. “Orgasmo” hosted by the Goooood Secrets includes performances, vintage porn screenings, and good old fashioned orgasm awareness. Too bad we’re so far way, it sounds like a good time!

I’m excited about this week’s guest photographer Redd Dyver. We’ve also got a revised version of the polyamory article from last week after a good natured debate between Baadmaster and our erotica writer Phi. Let us know what you think!



  1. Paul Zucker says:

    Dear Baadmaster,

    I think you are overly worried about the Republicans running for president and those who you feel might. They are NOT going to win or even come close! I am personally for Bernie, but it certainly looks as though Hillary is going to win the Democratic Party nomination. She will easily win the White House and the Democrats are going to take the Senate and perhaps even the House. Things are going to go our way. Trust me.

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