This week in kink, April 3, 2017

This article offers an “inside” look at some of the world’s “kinkiest” sex clubs. While I dislike the name sex club, the parties featured in this article are more for the spectacle rather than genuine BDSM.

Here is another case of someone being “outted” and losing their job. Someone discovered a gentleman in the UK’s personal life pass time including his interest in Gorean, M/s relationships. He was then asked to ‘distance himself’ from his work. It seems some details of this situation were not presented in this article so it makes it difficult to see the whole story. This just goes to show we have a long way to go before BDSM will be considered fully mainstream.

I enjoyed this sweet article on Master Joe and Kim Debron-two famed BDSM lifestylers. I think Debron’s explanation of a Master/slave relationship is very poignant.

Our friend Laila checked out Lovely Fate this weekend – the new BDSM play party in Los Angeles that it seems like everyone has been talking about. Sounds pretty awesome. Check out her review here.


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