This week in kink, August 28th, 2017

Read about the formerly very secretive training house for Mistresses and Masters. New York’s La Domaine Esemar is ready to try their hand at fulfilling your fantasies, if you pass the interview that is. This reads like a novel of fiction but I wouldn’t mind experiencing it first hand myself.

The details on this particular article are a little foggy, but a man was found dead at Flamefest, an outdoor BDSM festival we reported on in past issues of Kink Weekly. We hope they get to the bottom of this particular case. We found an additional article with more information.

Here is one Domme who gives professional Dominatrixes a bad name. A woman by the name of Nirvana Fetish perhaps took her financial domination too far by extorting money from a married man, threatening to expose their relationship. We’ll leave this one to the courts to decide, but things are not looking in her favor.

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  1. Toledo orpefo says:

    How’s the guy die?!

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