This week in kink, August 29th, 2016

Businessmen tied hand

New York: The Cut features weekly sex stories from readers. This week’s story may seem interesting to some readers. It shares the vast divide and longing that some couples face when inherently vanilla and kink minded mix.

England: Here’s a great story on a swinger’s club in the UK seeking new employees! Sounds like a blast if you aske me ๐Ÿ˜‰

Myself and anniebear attended Tara Indiana’s presidential campaign gala this past weekend. If you haven’t heard, Dominatrix Tara Indiana is running for President! It was a fun filled evening with un surprisingly a lot of jabs at Donald Trump. We’d love to see him and Tara Indiana in a debate together. Catch more details in my interview with the Dominatrix herself in this week’s issue.

We’re heading off to Burning Man tomorrow, so we will officially be off the grid for the week. We’ll touch base with you all next week but keep your questions and comments coming!



  1. Bob Gladstone says:

    interesting story from the guy in new york. i wish vanilla couples could talk as openly about sex stuff as kinksterrs but at the same time I’m like you’re a freakin adult! Talk about it! its your happiness

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