This week in kink, February 13th, 2017

The news this week is full of Fifty Shades of Gray due to the second installment hitting theaters. I’m pleased to announce it currently has a 9% on Rotten Tomatoes and The Guardian reports that it was dominated by Lego Batman. I also would like to wish a Happy Valentines day to everyone! Even if you think it’s a silly holiday, anything that promotes love and harmony is ok in my book!


I really enjoy these fetching shirts featuring BDSM designs. I like public displays if kink affection.

Here is an interesting piece on the history of sex toy manufacturer Doc Johnson. They’ve also recently teamed up with to create a BDSM specific toy line. My favorite is the “master’s apron” which will help keep you clean when things get messy.

Here at Kink Weekly, we are obviously huge advocates of introducing BDSM to the masses. This article features some great advice from one sex therapist, Dr. Stephanie Hunter Jones who believes BDSM can save your marriage!

While I disagree with this article’s use of the word “strange” I thought this was a good read on a movement that has been gaining some steam over the years; female supremacy. Locally here in LA, there is a large group lead by several dominatrices who practice female supremacy.

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  1. omg those shirts with the kinky kit! adorable!

  2. Mistress Kit says:

    Liking the t shirts also…see anyone at the fetish flea market this weekend in Warwick Rhode island? Sponsored by New England Leather Alliance. Smooches,mistress kit.

  3. love the shirts!

    props to Doc Johnson, love their company!

  4. My three word movie review (yes, I have seen it):
    Fifty Shades Dumber!

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