This week in kink: July 24th, 2017

This issue is all about the Dominants! Don’t worry, we threw in Vic’s fun take on dungeon etiquette and also some steamy erotica from Skye Leroux involving some “switchieness.” I being of dominant mindset found all of this to be quite interesting but those of you who are submissive or switch will still find new and useful information here! As always, let us know what you think in the comments.


Buzzfeed reports on rapper R Kelly and his house full of ladies. Apparently they are all involved in a Daddy/babygirl relationship. This is unsurprisingly causing a bit of a stir with the general media and public due to its “unusual” nature. Furthermore, there are allegations that abuse is happening and that the girls are involved in an unhealthy relationship. Many of the women who have been with Kelly for years are their of their own volition so it is difficult for their friends and families to assist. We’ll have to see how this all plays out.

VICE covers the website which aims to do just that, offer porn that includes all voices and emphasize consent. That sounds like a tall order considering the rabbit hole porn has gone down in recent years. It will be interesting to see how their work takes effect.

A few weeks ago we reported on Wonder Woman’s potential roots in kink and BDSM, now a new documentary film wants to prove this theory. Director Angela Robinson hope to do just that with her new film Professor Marston and the Wonder Women

In a great twist of fate, a Dallas gay bar owner is running for Governor. Read the full story here.

Rolling Stone begs the question, “Is it safe for abduction fetish sites to exist on the internet?” Fetlife has been under scrutiny lately as being considered a resource for real life non-consensual kidnappings and more. What do you think?

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  1. the r kelly thing is wild. those girls are so young its hard to tell if they even know what they are getting into. i hope they ar happy. not being able to talk to their family is crazy

  2. As a former contributor to Rolling Stone from the days of HST, I’m a little surprised their piece on FetLife (for which I feel an unalloyed loathing, BTW). It’s a bit of a sad commentary that RS of all publications should act like a bunch of concern trolls knitting their brows over whether or not any media platform should be held responsible for the criminal conduct of its users. During all our years of fervent opposition to the war in Vietnam I don’t recall any discussion of whether or not we should hold ourselves responsible for fools who blew themselves up trying to make pipe bombs as a means of protest. We were not responsible for their actions any more than FetLife, vile though it is, should be held responsible for the behavior of a murderous psychopath who may, as murderous psychopaths tend to, have gathered some inspiration from reading off a web site. There have always been and will always be dangerous people in the world. I think FetLife does an abysmal job of educating its consumers to the possible presence of such dangerous people in their midst, much less doing anything to prevent their site from becoming an actual hunting preserve for predators by the selective enforcement of its TOU, but I seriously doubt that any crime that would not otherwise have been committed has arisen out material read on FL. Counselor Greene (no relation) quoted in the RS piece pretty much lays the question to rest, but what I find disturbing is the way in which staunch First Amendment defenders with a long history of controversial publishing of their own would raise the question in the first place. There’s plenty not to like about FetLife, but there is no case to be made against it as the kind of danger that warrants the suppression discussion regarding role playing groups. If my failing memory serves, that was hardly the stance we took regarding Tipper Gore and the PMRC.

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