This week in kink, March 26, 2018

Sex workers might be getting more than they bargained for with a new bill that could pass in the senate. It’s designed to protect against sex trafficking, but could actually end up hurting consensual sex workers. Click here to read more.


Anyone want to take a guess about what part of BDSM is not as sexy as most people think? I can tell you that I was wrong at guessing what this article was eluding to with it’s catchy title “This vital part of BDSM is a lot less sexy than you’d think”. Find out here.

KinkedIn – yes, this is really a website. The site is making headlines as LinkedIn does not appreciate their name and feel threatened by the bondage site. Unfortunately for KinkedIn, they don’t have the funds of manpower to go against such a might internet giant, so the future is uncertain. Click here to read the full story.

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  1. MasterMike says:

    Thanks for posting the second article. There is so much to BDSM that is not “sexy,” but the non-sexy stuff is usually the most important for safety and health. People have a certain fantasy in their heads without acknowledging the reality of what is going on.

  2. I completely agree! People that aren’t in the lifestyle never think of all the work done behind the extreme play. That’s why so many people in the community get a bad rep.

  3. fireplayer00 says:

    That’s why I think there should be more TV shows and movies showing what the lifestyle is really about. I think a power exchange reality TV show would help breakdown a lot of the stereotypes.

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