This week in kink, May 1st, 2017

This article from Broadly seems controversial to me. On the one hand I really enjoy any comedic chastisement of Trump but on the other hand, the dominatrix at the center of this piece seems to write off some of Trump’s sexual assault accusations. What do you all think?

Forced orgasms? Yes please. I really enjoyed this overview of forced orgasms vs. involuntary orgasms.

The Daily Mail (not exactly the most exemplary of news websites) reports that the BDSM past times of ultra conservative Orthodox Jewish mayoral candidate Shneur Odze, married father of four have come to light. Apparently he had been carrying on a secret affair with a woman he met off of Fetlife where he posed as Catholic priest. It’s a bizarre tale to be sure.

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  1. dominique says:

    i love the dominatrixes doing trump stuff. f*uck that guy

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