This week in kink, May 30th 2016

Worldwide: Blowjob 101. Our friends over at Carvaka Toys sent us this useful chart on the inner workings of the age old blow job. We’re personally fans of better felatio so thank you Carvaka for these helpful tips!

Europe: A new documentary covers the lifestyle of the human pup and puppy play. Though this documentary specifically focuses on the gay, male pup culture, it gives great insight into the psychology and headspace of a human pup.

USA: We reported to you last week about a new BDSM TV miniseries, Submission. The lead actress Ashlynn Yenni has written a compelling piece on why the series has empowered her. That’s a win for kink from the formerly non-kinky actress. Check it out!

Worldwide: This week, we have Wry contributing an article on a new group aimed at the topic of consent. This article from The Independent is an excellent read on the complexity of the subject.

New York: In an attempt to bring more intimacy to sex (rather than just “fucking”), New York event planner Abby Hertz began a series of events. With everything form eating off of nude models, burlesque, fire play and more, LUST is an evening of intimacy. This event is geared towards the vanilla adventerous but sounds like a night of sumptuous entertainment for the senses!

Germany: Munich hosted Boundcon last week – “Europe’s biggest fetish and BDSM convention, with a 53,000 sq foot venue”. That sounds pretty big! Check out this video of the bondage stage show by “KoiKuNawa”:

KoiKuNawa at Boundcon XIII Munich 2016 – Main stage from Koi Ku Nawa on Vimeo.

Have some kinky news to share? Tell us about any upcoming BDSM events, new products, dungeon openings / closings, collarings, kink in mainsteam media, and anything else you think kinky folks might be interested to hear about. Send your tips through to, and it might just end up on next week’s “This Week in Kink”!



  1. I watched submission and while it is super porno-y it is a pretty good example of bdsm at its most basic.

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