This week in kink news: November 19, 2018

Sunday, November 25, 2018 —  Trans Support + Restore Yoga Class w/ Li 11AM-1PM  FREE

Trans Support + Restore is a class specifically for trans and non-binary identified individuals of all types at any stage of transition. We will open with an opportunity to  discuss issues specific to our personal development and community, followed by a trans-affirming, nurturing, gentle restorative flow to move emotions through the body and deepen overall embodiment. We will end with an extended nidra meditation done entirely in savasana. Nidra, or ‘psychic sleep’, has shown to be tremendously helpful in reducing anxiety and insomnia, working with desire, moving towards goals, and alleviating ptsd.

**please bring your own yoga mat

Jiz Lee –
The Dark Arts-

Dominatrix, Mistress Anna, began hosting kinky yoga classes

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Mocha Puff –
The Dark Arts-

Mistress Couple and her new book, “The Ultimate Guide To Bondage” state that rope play can help heal scars left by trauma

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Bishop Black –
The Dark Arts-

Need a firm and in-depth understanding of consent?

Check out this article to learn all about this important subject

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    This is a really great mix of diverse and interesting topics. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I agree! Always intriguing for sure!

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