This week in kink, November 13, 2017

When “Fifty Shades of Grey” turns ugly in the media…this article seems to imply that the relationship in the popular trilogy is abusive and glamorizing sexual violence as part of the “#me too” culture. I’m not sure we can agree with this viewpoint, but we’re interested in hearing your thoughts about the matter. Fifty shades is debated among many circles already, especially kinky circles as it still seems very vanilla to the more experienced kinksters. Read the article here and share your thoughts and opinions.


Did you say sex doll brothel?!?!?! The country’s first sex doll brothel was erected. Where can you find such a place? In south Dortmund, Germany. This is more common place in places like Japan or even Barcelona as of 2017. The dolls are human sized and offer a variety of experiences. While son patrons may be embarrassed to experience some of the things they’ve seen in porn, the sex dolls allow them to try new experiences they may have never experienced before. Read more about it here.

A heated topic this week: the fetish of interracial sex and domination. This article delves into raceplay. What is raceplay? The article defines it as “Raceplay is an aspect of BDSM (bondage, domination, submission, masochism) where interracial sex partners decide to engage in sex based on race, humiliation, domination, and subservience.” Some find it squeamish while others delve into with wild admiration. Read the article here on

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