This week in kink, October 23rd, 2016

Worldwide: Thrillist author Charyn Pheuffer released this interesting theory that Fifty Shades did not create a BDSM revolution. I tend to disagree. She brings up the point that most people already knew about BDSM before the books and films, however I personally think it has 100% opened up the door for a conversation on it. What do you think?

Japan: Here’s a fun read on Japanese fetish clubs. I’ve heard they are much more elaborate there in terms of “setting the scene” so to speak. Definitely some good inspiration!

anniebear and I attended the Auckland Fetish ball this past weekend and were not disappointed. We’ll have a full recap for you next week but it was a great event with festive costumes and performances. The scene in Auckland is far less fragmented as compared to LA which offered a very intimate party. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this week’s review on the Armory haunted house. We also have a new segment on floggers in our buying guide.



  1. robby one says:

    I’ve seen some pretty well themed rooms in the states. Threshold in LA for example has an awesome medical room and classroom. Japan seems to take it a step further with eh addition of the “extras” (ladies) in the scenes, etc. If it’s all consensual and they are getting paid, who cares! Sounds fun lol

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