This week in kink, September 12, 2016

New York and Los Angeles: Our friend Mistress Simone Justice has a series of fantastic events coming up on both coasts in the next few months. Her famed “Waking the Goddess” series and Verbal Domination are sure to be just what any blossoming or advanced Goddess needs to fine tune their skills! Check out the full list of classes here.

New Zealand: The New Zealand government announced a significant overhaul of laws relating to domestic violence this week, with the aim of reducing New Zealand’s high rates of domestic violence relative to other developed countries. We support this initiative generally, and if these changes prevent anyone being harmed by their partners or family members, then we applaud them.

Unfortunately, in the course of this review, the government seems to have missed the opportunity to clearly distinguish between domestic violence, and consensual BDSM. One such area is the new law which specifically criminalizes “non-fatal strangulation”. In the detailed analysis by the NZ Law Commission which formed part of the legal review process, it was noted that “There are times when the intentional application of force to the neck is done with consent (either express or implied) and should not be considered criminal. Examples include certain contact sports and sexual practices.” The report went on to note that this could be addressed by “by including a defense that the victim consented to the strangulation”. However, it appears that this was ultimately ignored by the government, with the final text of the law simply reading:

“(1) A person (person A) is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 3 years who, intentionally or recklessly, impedes the normal breathing or circulation of the blood of another person (person B) by— “(a) applying pressure to person B’s throat or neck; or “(b) blocking person B’s nose or mouth. “(2) Subsection (1) applies only if person A and person B are in, or have been in, a domestic relationship.”

The provision to exclude those not in a domestic relationship effectively addresses the issue of sport. But there is nothing to prevent the criminalization of a loving partner who applies pressure to the neck safely and with explicit consent or request. Given the many millions of kinky people around the world – including no doubt, many in New Zealand – this seems to show an unfortunate lack of knowledge or appreciation for diverse sexualities and preferences.

Worldwide: Our very own contributor Baadmaster is teaming up with Industry XXX Radio from Las Vegas for weekly chats on all things kink. Follow @industryxradio on Twitter for show times!

3D model by Rebeca Puebla

3D model by Rebeca Puebla

Artists Rebeca Puebla has some amazing BDSM themed work under her belt. Check out these images of her 3D models. Some of the masked ones look like still photos!

This year is just flying by! I’m extremely pleased with the response Kink Weekly has been getting as we approach our one year anniversary. Thank you to our readers for your feedback, comments, and contributions. We couldn’t do it without you!


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  1. i love love love that artists work! so cool and lifelike. i wish there were more museums and galleries just featuring bdsm work

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