This week in kink, January 1, 2018

Audio porn – growing in popularity, has been taking a share of the internet porn audience over the last couple of years. For those who are titilated and delighted by the sounds of sex instead of the visuals are sure to find this link a treat. Click here. This article gives you the top audio porn sites from phone sex to erotic novels. Indulge!

College students are getting into BDSM and loving it! We reported on the new Princeton BDSM club revelation a couple of issues back and this article just expands upon the growing popularity of BDSM and self exploration. They say college is a time to explore so it only makes sense that college students may start to gravitate more and more toward BDSM as clubs and organizations are there to support them. Read more about it here.

Looks like the armory in San Francisco is being rebooted as an event space from it’s original arsenal for porn production. It’s hosting musical acts from around the world. Read here. We are sad to see it go.

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  1. I don’t want to seem overly nostalgic, but the parties at The Armory were well worth the trip to San Francisco.

    When the history of “modern” BDSM is written (by me? by Dexx? by Donald Trump?!), some of the greatest BDSM parties were held at The Armory. Maybe a “Greatest BDSM parties” should be a topic. I will hereby note my Top Five BDSM Play Parties (those I attended, not in general) as follows:

    1. Far and away #1: The Fetish Tribe’s Las Vegas AVN Ultimate Afterparties. 2. Any number of parties at The Armory 3. Ogre’s Dungeon Studio parties 4. Sire Kanes original Nob Hill play parties 5. And, to keep it recent, Lovely Fates’ elegant play parties.

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