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Erotica: Connection

They'd spent weeks negotiating, discussing limits, wants, needs, boundaries, triggers, curiosities, desires. Some of it in the form of flirtation. Some, especially once he'd scheduled a visit, in the form of conversation. She had no idea what he would do to her. She knew she would be safe, but that was all. The moment arrived. The doorbell rang. She opened the door to … [Read more...]

A Very Focused Girl

Photographer: Greeneyes_smile Model: Nicole … [Read more...]

Opinion: Some Thoughts on BDSM, Esoteric Spirituality, and Essential Guilt

Although I've been kinky my entire adult life, I've been involved in the lifestyle for about a dozen years. I've actively pursued an esoteric spiritual/religious path for at least twice that long, and these two pursuits have never been in conflict. On the contrary, my spiritual impulse has not only informed my ideas about life, it's also deepened my personal relationships, my … [Read more...]

Prepping for Kinky Christmas

It was an action-packed weekend for Los Angeles kink and Dexx and myself were live and reporting for “duty” so we can offer a recount for our readers. It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it ☺ I also put up some cheeky Christmas decorations at home. Friday night was the second year celebration of Gentleman In Charge, a monthly male Dom/female submissive (or those … [Read more...]

Week of November 30th, 2015

Just when I thought I owned every kinky toy that existed, I went to the Los Angeles Sanctuary Marketplace on Saturday and found a whole world of devious and imaginative toys. Vendors with booths included local favorites Ravynblood Leather, Justin Sayne, and Paraphilia Toys. Giving in to temptation, I left with a quadruple wartenberg wheel and some cool magnetic nipple clamps. … [Read more...]