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This Week in Kink, May 23, 2016

Maryland: Camp Crucible kicks off this Saturday at a secret location in Maryland. This annual camp is a kinky coming together of folks from all over the globe to participate in camp activities including swimming, contests, dungeon play and of course, education. We can't wait to hear about it from those who attend. Don't forget your bug spray! Tickets are still available if you … [Read more...]

Erotica: Birthday Surprise, Part Two

Read part one here. Much to my relief, I have an impeccable sense of smell thus making my taste buds very in tune. I was fairly confident I’d be able to figure out what he was feeding me…but therein lies the potential terror. “Open up!” he said while slipping something soft into my mouth. Well, that wasn’t so bad. A piece of kiwi. Next came some liquid. Gross! I knew … [Read more...]

Coming Out of the Closet(S)!

So many closets, so little time. Well, ok, only two closets, however, I've had to come out of them again and again. When you hear that someone "came out of the closet" you may think, "Good for them, it's a big step and now they don't have to worry about it anymore." What people may not realize is that once you come out - that's just the FIRST time. Essentially you have to … [Read more...]

This Week in Kink, May 16, 2016

Australia: Mistress Tokyo out of Sydney has been profiled in several publications revealing some of the fun she's been getting into with clients. The articles are actually quite glowing and shine light on the plethora of options one can have behind closed doors in a private session. Take a look here. Worldwide: A new webseries called "F*ck Yes" is gaining some traction. … [Read more...]

Who Has the Power

With DomCon Los Angeles coming up this week, I thought it enlightening to examine the basis of all D/s relationships – the “power exchange.” After all, if you are attending, you will see lots of Dommes – from professionals to lifestylers – in their fetish wear. Thus power exchanges will be front and center -- in your face, so to speak. And likely a vanilla or newbie friend of … [Read more...]