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Bottoming From the Top

This article is addressed to the more advanced Masters/Mistresses among you, especially those who are involved in – or want to be involved in – Master/slave relationships. As opposed to many of my other articles, this one is mostly my own personal opinion. You might or might not agree with my observations; but I am presenting it as food for thought. (For the purposes of this … [Read more...]

One bottom’s Trigger is Another’s Therapy

BDSM play is done for many reasons from the bottom side of the slash. Catharsis, sexual fulfillment, a natural high, or plain old fun. Perhaps as a way to push personal limits and boundaries. Another reason people play is because it can be therapeutic. Either consciously or sub-consciously. Someone might use play in general (as opposed to a specific kind of play) to help … [Read more...]

This week in kink, August 29th, 2016

New York: The Cut features weekly sex stories from readers. This week's story may seem interesting to some readers. It shares the vast divide and longing that some couples face when inherently vanilla and kink minded mix. England: Here's a great story on a swinger's club in the UK seeking new employees! Sounds like a blast if you aske me ;) Myself and anniebear attended … [Read more...]

Dexx Interviews Mistress Tara Indiana

Dexx speaks with Tara on her presidential campaign, her platform, dildos for democracy, and how she can whip America into shape! Dexx: As a renowned Dominatrix, what lead you to your decision to run for president? Mistress Tara Indiana: Well, I feel like I have more leadership and management experience than Donald Trump and I have less skeletons in my closet than Hillary … [Read more...]

Video: Kinky Ballet

Kinky Ballet from Kinbaku Tanto Here is another good one from Kinbaku Tanto. The model's pointed toes and her facial expressions are exquisite. The rigging isn't bad either ;) … [Read more...]