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The Education of Amanda: Power Exchange

My education in the kinkster world began when I met my mentor. I wasn’t even looking for a mentor, it just kind of happened. I was talking on kik with someone I had met on Fet. I told him that I usually seemed to intimidate men when they met me, so I hadn’t yet met anyone who could dominate me. He said he could change that perception with one phone call. That was a pretty bold … [Read more...]

“Are You Monogamous or Polyamorous?”–THE WRONG QUESTION

This article originally appeared on It’s time someone addressed a Single MASSIVE MISCONCEPTION regarding this question which gets asked in almost every Alternative Sexuality genre, including the BDSM / Fetish Scene. The answer will hopefully make you THINK, and it is interesting to note that we here in the BDSM Community have a few extra philosophical … [Read more...]

Power Exchange Dating: Part Three

Read parts one and two here. The Search for a S-type Life Partner This is the last of three articles that considers what dating issues to keep in mind if you want to ease on into a power exchange partnership. This article is for those who want to find their S – type (submissive or slave). How can I know if my dating partner is The One? Let’s think of how a person … [Read more...]

Dexx Interviews Sire Kane

Dexx: Kane thank you for taking some time to talk with me. So you’ve been in the lifestyle for a long time and also a leader of the Los Angeles kink community and owner of the dungeon Lair de Sade. I understand you attended USC on an athletic scholarship so no doubt you had many career options so how did you first get drawn into BDSM? Kane: When I was a kid me and my best … [Read more...]

Erotica: Master of O

This week we are thrilled to be featuring an excerpt from Ernest Greene's Master of O entitles Four Play. The full book includes illustrations as well. We've included a few for your enjoyment. The blue Suburban waited outside, young men dashing to assist the ladies into the back seat. Ray got in with them, as usual, and the old guy rode up front, as usual. The heat was … [Read more...]